Creative Writing: The Benefits

I had the pleasure of teaching elective courses at a private language school in the U.S. It was a refreshing approach to teaching ESL. One course that soon became my favorite was Creative Writing. The title never attracted the numbers that courses on slang and pop culture did, but students who ventured into my Creative Writing classroom learned that writing is a means of self-expression and by exploring ideas and experimenting with language, one’s confidence to communicate can grow.

It is my belief that students should have the opportunity to share their writings and take pride in their work.  For this purpose, I started a literary magazine at the school where I taught, and I encouraged (but never required) students to submit their compositions. Those who agreed to publish their work did further revision under my supervision. Both the students and I enjoyed seeing a well written text at the end of the whole process.

In the following entries I’ll share a few creative writing tasks that lead to fun and productive lessons.


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  1. Munara says:

    I hope there will be more articles devoted to Creative Writing on your blog. I wish you wrote a bit more…
    Thank you though for the article!

    1. Hello Munara. It makes me happy to know that the writing category on this blog is still being read! I admit it has been put on the back burner as other skills and topics have taken priority in my own forms of teaching. I will certainly consider developing that category some more.

      Yes, I would like to be more active, but it’s a constant juggle…you know how it is, I’m sure! I usually go into strong writing mode, though, around the annual TESOL convention because I get very excited about all the ideas being shared that week.

      Best wishes,

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