Lesson Planning: Final Checklist

When it comes to constructing a lesson, some teachers prefer a detailed plan; others can work from a concise list of phrases and page references. To a degree these preferences depend on experience. Whatever your approach is, I suggest doing the following to ensure that your lesson is smooth and effective when put into action:

  • Do mental run-through to check for accurate time estimates.
  • Do a mental run-through from the students’ perspective. Does the lesson flow logically?
  • Is there an appropriate balance between presentation and practice? Is it too teacher-oriented?
  • View the lesson as a whole. Is it an enjoyable and useful lesson? Are the presentations meaningful and relevant and not merely informative? Through the practice you assign, will the students see immediate application of what you plan to teach?
  • Does the lesson include communicative practice, or is it mostly limited to controlled exercises (e.g., True-False, matching)?
  • Do you allow for a variety of formats: whole class, pair work, small group work, solo work? (Not every format must be used, but 60 minutes of only one format is not usually effective for any given skill area or lesson topic.)
  • Do you allow time for questions and review?
  • Does every step relate to the overall objective?
  • Do you include homework and/ or recommendations for independent study?
  • Did you note what materials or equipment is needed? Allow time before class to check any equipment.

(To Be Continued)


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