Honk If You’re Happy: Why do you love to teach?

Americans tend to plaster the bumpers on their cars with stickers that make various statements. They range from political to humorous.  A doctor might choose I’d Rather Be Golfing. A suburban mother may use a bumper sticker to boast about her children: Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student. If teachers had their choice of slogans, what would some favorites be?

Love to Teach, Love to Learn.

I’d Rather Be in a Classroom.

Got questions? I got answers.

To teach is to learn twice. (This one I found online at CafePress.com.)


Well, not all of us own cars, and there must be alternatives to the not-so-classy use of bumper stickers. How else can we take pride and delight in what we do? One way is to simply state what we love about teaching and make sure others hear. The list below is just a start. Feel free to add on, and let’s celebrate our profession together. This entry isn’t really about professional development. It’s about professional support. Enjoy.


Why do you love to teach?

  1. I love to explain things to others.
  2. I love to know that I’m helping others reach their goals.
  3. I love the fresh perspective I get by teaching people from other cultures.
  4. I love the challenge of trying to understand how English is used. It’s a never-ending challenge.
  5. I love the creativity allowed and required in language instruction.
  6. I love the artistry and pedagogy involved in the formation of a teaching approach.
  7. I love the balance between collaboration and leadership.
  8. I love to use my organization skills in lesson planning and materials writing.
  9. I love to feel a part of something larger than myself, whether it’s a school I teach in, a textbook I’m collaborating on, or the development of global communication.
  10. I love to know that there is something I possess that is useful to others.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Chiew says:

    In helping others, I help myself.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      So true! This is written like a proverb. 🙂

  2. Lucy says:

    For me it’s all about lifting communication barriers and understanding eachother:)

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      Wonderful addition to the list! Thank you.

  3. youssef says:

    Hello. I hope you are doing well. I’m a Moroccan teacher of English. It’s great helping teachers with such useful tips. I’m so grateful.
    I hope you will do your best to enlighten us and thanks a lot once more.

    1. Hello Youssef. It’s a pleasure to be in contact with other teachers. While I may not necessarily “enlighten” readers with each post, I do hope I give interesting ideas to consider and apply. Happy teaching to you!

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