The Power of Sharing: Sharing online resources with colleagues

I love to emphasize the importance of viewing colleagues as a resource. Two heads are almost always better than one. In past postings I promoted Yahoo Groups, Wikis, and social bookmarking as ways to interact and exchange information with other teachers. With so many resources online and off, it can certainly be a time-saver to know the most useful discoveries other teachers have made. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve witness the power of sharing as a member of an EVO session.

Have you joined the Electronic Village Online (EVO)? Although the sessions are in Week 4, it’s still not too late to join. Three full weeks of supportive and fruitful exchanges remain. My EVO team created a database for our 100+ participants. The database is called Video Website to Share, and so far 31 files have been added. Each address is accompanied by a short description of the site. Take for example the site Its creator, Raymond Weschler, has compiled a convenient resource for teachers who wish to use film in their lessons. A long list of recommended movies suitable for ELLs includes plot summaries, character lists, and teacher’s notes (glossary and discussion questions).  What a find!


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  1. Perfect, Jennifer. I was thinking of doing this in my blog, that is not related to teaching, but, anyway… your post matched my intention. Since I am not teaching, this can help my friends that still are and works as a file for my future reference.

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      I think it’s wonderful to remind one another of the potential of online interaction with colleagues, whether we’re talking about the teaching profession or another field. It’s a matter of finding the right platforms/ tools to do so. (By the way, you have great quality photos on your site.)

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