TESOL – Boston – Day 2

Day 2! The weather has turned colder, and there are snowflakes falling from the cloudy Boston sky. At least we don’t have blizzard-like conditions as we did in Denver at this time last year. Most important, the weather hasn’t stopped teachers from coming to the Convention Center in full force.

I began my day by attending sessions at the Electronic Village. I love learning about technology that other educators have discovered and applied to their teaching.

  • YouTube Across the Curriculum: This mini session was led by staff from the English Language Institute at the University of Utah. Rus Wilson, Korrin Ebira, and Randall Davis taught me and several others about techniques like time-stamping a video from YouTube. Wow! I’d known about free YouTube downloaders, and I recommended the one I learned about through Jamie KeddieSaveVid.com. Now I can recommend a second to viewers, especially teachers. The VLC media player allows teachers to pinpoint exact frames with ease and modify the playback speed. (Do a Google search for a free download.) They also shared tips they learned from WebProNews on using YouTube in the classroom. Thank you!
  • What is Voicethread? I’m happy I got to sit down in front of the computer with Sue Toerge as well. She demonsrated the potential of Voicethread. I’d heard of it, but personally have never used it. She compared it to a wiki but with the great option of using voice recordings. We talked about using images, documents, and videos to stimulate communication. Users can comment using voice recording, text only, or even a video via webcam. Cool! Sue has designed class projects for elementary school children. I began to think of more possibilities – alternatives to track changes and inserted comments on Word docs, for example.

I’m off to a 10:00 session now, and I hope to learn much more before the day is over.

To all those who missed my summary of the session I co-moderated as part of the Electronic Village Online, please know I’ll be in the Electronic Village on Saturday at 9:30 to repeat the demonstration of online resources my team presented back in January and February.

Also, to anyone who didn’t receive a handout at my 5:00 session, please know that Sack Sitters can make copies upon request. Their table is located next to Registration.

Finally, thank you to Evelyn, who so thoughtfully offered her presenter mug to me so that I could have a two-person set! She knew it was my first year presenting, and I was a little sad they had run out of the customary ribbons for presenters.

Happy learning to all!


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