ESL/ EFL Videomaking: The past, present, and future

Almost one year ago I was approached by EnglishCafé, and I was asked to create a video series titled How to Make EFL Instructional Videos. This week I’m wrapping up production on the final video for the series. Reaching the conclusion of a project often triggers a reflective mood. This is true whether the project is writing book material, conducting a workshop, or producing a video series. I evaluate my work, think about what I’ve learned, and wonder about the potential impact of the given project.

Two weeks ago I stood before a full room of teachers, fellow TESOL members, who came to my discussion group. The title of the session? YouTube and Beyond: Blending Teaching and Materials Writing Online. I was delighted to see a strong turnout, and it increased my confidence in my chosen path as an educator. There certainly is growing interest in online resources. My message at the TESOL convention was that more qualified teachers are needed to provide those resources. If I succeeded in encouraging only a few to try some form of online teaching/ materials writing, I’m happy. I also feel good knowing that I’m able to offer support to those who want to explore this area of our field – support in the form of my How-to series.

Since my own start on YouTube back in 2007, the number of ESL/ EFL YouTubers has grown. It’s wonderful to see new channels debut, and it excites me to think how much more our field will transform and grow in the coming years. To what degree can English language instruction be a blending of online and offline resources? What new forms of collaboration will we find with the help of the Internet?

What do you think?

And finally, a warm welcome to some fellow teachers who’ve taken the plunge and are already making videos on their own YouTube channels!


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  1. Roger says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I recently have been thinking about making an ESL video and it was very timely for me to discover your “How to” video series. I just finished watching the first one and it’s great! I will be watching the others. Thank you for creating this series.
    all the best,

    1. englishwithjennifer says:

      How wonderful to hear! In addition to the “newcomers” I listed in this posting, please check out other YouTubers, such as Dave Sconda (EnglishMeeting), Sarah Lilburn (The Daily English Show), Jim Stroud (EnlishCafedotCom), Stacy Hagen (EnglishwithStacy), and Mister Duncan (DuncaninChina). We’ll all so very different, and it’s good to get a taste of what’s already out there. Then you’ll have a btter idea of what your niche will be and what kind of online presence you want to establish. Best wishes to you!

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