Pronunciation Profiles: Putting Target Sounds into Meaningful Practice

Level: Intermediate to advanced.

STEP 1 – Select your target sound(s). For instance, /r/. Create word lists, trying to include words with the target sound(s) in different positions and in different letter combinations. Write a total of 10-12 words. (If you’re targeting consonant sounds, you can decide whether to include challenging clusters.) Examples:

                read                       hurry                     share                     horror                  

                write                     married                exercise               prefer

                run                                                                                         country

                romantic                                                                              world

STEP 2 – Use your word lists to create questions. The questions should be about personal habits, preferences, etc. Examples:

  1. What do you like to read?
  2. How often do you write email?
  3. Do you run or do any other kind of exercise?
  4. Do you prefer romantic movies or horror movies?
  5. Do you always have to hurry to be on time?
  6. Are you married? / Do you think you’ll get married one day?
  7. Is it easy for you to share what belongs to you?
  8. How much of the world have you seen? Name a country you want to visit.

STEP 3 – Write the word lists on the board. Do a simple listen-repeat drill with the class as a warm-up. Give reminders about manner and place of articulation.

STEP 4 – Hand out copies of the questions to the class, or write them on the board. Students should note their own answers first. Tell them this is their personal profile. Then have them survey one another. Moving from partner to partner, their goal is to identify a student with a similar “profile”.

VARIATION: You can still create the world lists, but have advanced students compose their own questions in small groups. Then have students pair up with members from different groups to interview one another.

Paired Interview

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  1. Ricardas says:

    Really most useful! Thank you so mucth.

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