Luck of the Draw: An activity for issuing, accepting, and receiving invitations

You might try this activity as part of a lesson on invitations. However, you might also use it simply as an end-of-the-week activity.

Step 1 – Begin a class discussion about possible ideas for the weekend. What activities could be done in small groups? Going to the movies, going to a night club, etc. Note some of these ideas on the board.

Step 2 –Tell the class they will practice making invitations. As they receive invitations from classmates, they will practice accepting and declining. As further preparation, ask them to suggest polite ways to accept or decline an invitation. You can add to their lists, for example:

  • To Accept: Yes, I’d be delighted./ Definitely, that sounds great. / Sure, I’d love to.
  • To Decline: I’m sorry. I have other plans./ I wish I could, but I can’t. Thanks for asking./ No, thank you. But I hope you have fun.

Step 3 – You will need a deck of cards for each small group of students. Groups can be as large as 5 or 6.  Remove all the face cards (kings, queens, jacks, and aces).  Shuffle each desk and place it in the middle of each group. Students should each take 6 cards. The remaining cards can be put aside.

Step 4 – One student in a group will begin by issuing an invitation to the rest of the members. Example: “I was thinking of seeing a movie this weekend. Would anyone like to join me?” As the invitation is being made, the student must lay down one card facing up in the center. If anyone else has the same number (obviously it will be of a different suit), s/he must accept the invitation and place the matching card on top of the first. If students do not have the same number, they must decline the invitation and place one card on the pile.

Step 5 – The next invitation will be made by the student to the left. The pattern repeats until all students have had a chance to invite the others to do an activity together.


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