Thanksgiving Thoughts: Last minute ideas for the classroom

Those especially teaching in EFL settings might like to have a bigger choice of materials to finish off this week. Here in the U.S. the school week is ending today so that we may prepare for Thanksgiving Day. If you would like to include one more activity to deepen students’ understanding of this holiday, please consider the following ideas.

  1. Did you catch my round-robin activity to practice gift giving and giving thanks? Click here.
  2. One of my very early videos on YouTube presented three turkey-related idioms. View here.
  3. A fellow EnglishCafe teacher, Jessica Dold, has uploaded a number of holiday activities. Students will get reading practice with her Fill-in-the-Blank Thanksgiving Description. There’s also a quick Word Search for students to recognize common vocabulary related to Thanksgiving. Beginners will appreciate the visual aids in her blog posting titled “Traditional Food Served at Thanksgiving”.
  4. Sarah from The Daily English Show discusses the difference between U.S. and Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations in show #520. The speech is appropriate for high intermediate to advanced students. In show #523 she follows up by interviewing people and asking what they are thankful for. This is good listening practice.

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