Party Poll: A speaking activity

Step 1 – Copy enough survey sheets so that each student receives one. (See below for printable copies.) For groups larger than then, you may make doubles or create additional surveys on other topics. Note: These questions (especially the first five sets) were written for adult learners.

Step 2 – Give each student one survey sheet. Ask them to review their four questions, use a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words, and add a fifth question.

Step 3 – Tell students that they will have 10-15 minutes to talk with up to 5 different classmates. During each exchange, they must take turns asking and answering questions. Answers can be kept brief and should be noted on the survey sheet in the appropriate boxes. If the number of students is odd, allow for a grouping of three.

Step 4 – After the Q&A period, have students sit down and review the information collected. They must prepare to share this information with the class and draw at least one conclusion based on their findings. Write prompts on the board to facilitate their mini presentations. Suggestions:

            3 out of 5 people said that…

            2 out of 5 people think that…

            I asked 5 people (….), and everyone agreed that…

            I asked 5 people (…), and no one believed that…

            Based on all these answers, I believe…

            Considering all this information, I’d say that…


To review question formation, scramble the questions and ask students to correctly write them before the Q&A period.

Printable copy of instructions for the teacher: Party Poll_instructions for teacher

Printable Student Survey Sheets: Party Poll_student sheets


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  1. Dani says:

    You really have some excellent ideas on here.

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback, Dani.

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