Phrasal Verbs: Round 2!

I hope the previous posting with Phrasal Verb Dominoes leads to an enjoyable review of 20 intransitive phrasal verbs. I thought it would be a good idea to follow that activity with one for students to practice a set of transitive phrasal verbs. The activity in this posting features 20 inseparable phrasal verbs.

Activity: Sentence Match-Ups

View Inseparable phrasal verbs_handout

Step 1 – Hand out Quiz 1. Have students try the quiz solo, completing as many items as possible. Note that it is all right to leave unfamiliar items blank. Then ask them to pair up to compare their answers. Finally, correct the quiz as a class. [Definitions based on the Longman Dictionary of American English.]

Step 2 – Copy enough sets of sentence match-ups for students to play pairs (small groups of 3 are also possible). Cut out all sentence beginnings and all sentence endings to create 40 slips of paper. Note: This game must be played around a flat surface (either a small table or a few desks pushed together to create a central area).

Step 3 – Playing the game: Matches will be made in sets of ten (10 blue, 10 red). If playing in pairs, have Student A hold all the sentence beginnings in blue while Student B holds all the sentence endings in blue. Student A will show a sentence beginning, and Student B will create a match. Matches can be confirmed by looking at the answers to Quiz 1.  Students A and B will reverse roles for the next set of matches in red.

For small groups of 3: Have students assume the same roles as above but only one student (Student A) will hold the sentence beginnings while the other two (Students B and C) will match sentence endings. For the second set, allow Student A to switch roles with either Student B or C.

Step 4 – After the game is over, have students take Quiz 2. Correct answers as a class.


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  1. Victor says:

    The answers¿?¿?

    1. QUIZ 1
      1. come up with = think of, invent*
      2. end up with = get an unexpected result*
      3. drop out of = quit (school, college, a course, etc.)*
      4. run into = meet by accident
      5. go over = review
      6. count on = depend on
      7. get on = leave (a bus, a train, etc.)
      8. get off = board (a bus, a train, etc.
      9. come down with = to become sick with a certain illness*
      10. look after = take care of
      11. go along with = agree or support*
      12. look down on = think that you are better than another*
      13. run into = begin to have problems
      14. get away with = not be punished for something wrong*
      15. get to = reach (a destination)
      16. look forward to = wait for with excitement*
      17. follow through with = complete as planned*
      18. watch out for = be careful about*
      19. look up to = admire*
      20. think back on = remember*

      QUIZ 2

      1. Unfortunately, I came*_down with_ a bad cold the day before the party, so I couldn’t go.
      2. The babysitter looked after the children while the parents went out for the
      3. I ran into an old friend at the supermarket. It was such a nice surprise.
      4. When little Anna gets off the bus, her mother is there to meet her.
      5. Please go over your work before you submit it to me.
      6. We need to come* up with a plan to fix the house on a low budget. Any ideas?
      7. The contest ended* up with two winners, so the prize money had to be shared.
      8. When I think* back on my childhood, I realize how lucky I was to have such great
      9. I asked how to get to North Station because I was a little lost.
      10. I followed* through with my decision, even though people warned me of the risk I was
      11. I look* forward to seeing you next week. I’ve really missed you.
      12. Melissa’s decision to drop* out of school greatly disappointed her parents, who
      were both college graduates.
      13. When little Anna gets on the bus, her mother stands on the sidewalk and
      waves good-bye.
      14. My cousin looks* down on poor people and says they are poor because they don’t
      work hard.
      15. You can always count on me, my friend. Anytime you need help, just ask.
      16. Mike will go* along with whatever decision we make. He’s very agreeable.
      17. I’ve always looked* up to my father. He’s done much in life that can be admired.
      18. The man got* away with the murder because no one ever learned of his connection
      to the victim.
      19. Please watch* out for icy spots on the road. You must drive slowly in snowy
      20. You can easily run into debt if you spend too freely with credit cards.

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