Truth or Dare: An activity for vowels followed by R

Why not take a fun party classic like Truth or Dare and turn it into a pronunciation game? The following activity makes use of truth-seeking questions and gives practices with vowels followed by R. Note that I chose not to include the diphthongs /aɪ, aʊ, ɔɪ/ mainly because this exercise will supplement my next lesson in my YouTube series Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds, and I have yet to cover diphthongs.

Click here to view the complete Vowels followed by R_handout.

Step 1 – Copy the question sheet. (See handout.) Decide if students will play this game in pairs or small groups of three. Each group will need one question sheet.

Step 2 – For each group, copy and cut out a set of the missing letters. (See the page following the question sheet.) ALTERNATIVE: If you don’t wish to have students work with the missing letter cards, which require gluing or taping, you can write the combinations of missing letters on the board as they appear on the handout.

Step 3 – In small groups, students will match the missing letters to the incomplete words on the question sheet. Tell them that all the target words in a question share the same vowel + r combination.

SUGGESTION: You can have them complete questions 1-5 first and then 6-10. This would make the matching process easier. Be sure to prepare the missing letter cards accordingly, if you choose this option.

Step 4 – Correct students’ work by having volunteers read the questions aloud. Once each question is confirmed, do a choral reading so that all students gain practice with the target words.

     Note the questions:

  1. Do you fear being near deer?
  2. Does beer bring you cheer?
  3. Name something weird that happened last year.
  4. How much do you care about your hair?
  5. Are you scared when planes take you high into the air?
  6. Would you swear you always play fair?
  7. Do you have more than four coats?
  8. Is there a style of clothes you wore before but don’t anymore?
  9. What kind of tour would give you pure joy?
  10. Would you like to live on a large farm far from the city?

Step 5 – In their small groups, students will take turns asking and answering the questions. One student reads the question aloud. The others respond, using the target words.


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