Timely Tales 1 [past]: A review of verb tenses through student-generated stories

I love  a good story, whether I’m the one telling it or hearing it.  I believe students enjoy stories as well, and with enough support they are willing to step into the role of the narrator. I’ve already suggested a number of activities based on storytelling. This post and the next one will offer a set of  gapped narratives that can serve as a review of verb tenses (past, present, and future). The approach will be the same in all three: write > share > study.

Today’s tale is called An Unsolved Mystery and it reviews the past tenses. Click here to view and print out Timely Tales_handout 1.


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  1. sultan23c says:

    To tell a good story, there are many other benefits.
    A well-told story can open windows of imagination.
    Anything can be interesting if it is well told in past, present, and future.
    Thanks Jennifer for this post.

    1. So true! I hope you’ll like the next two story templates.

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