Timely Tales 2 [present and future]: A review of verb tenses through student-generated stories

As promised, here are the other two tales to complete this collection of activities for upper level students. Click here to view and print out Timely Tales_handout 2. The second tale is called “Something Strange in the Air” and targets verbs in the present tense. I was inspired by the recent snowstorm we had here in Massachusetts despite it being the first week of April. The third tale targets verbs with a future meaning. It’s not a narrative, but the ideas supplied by the authors can provide all the fiction to make it a tale.  “A Far-Fetched Future”  as well as the first two tales can be straightforward or funny, depending on your students’ moods and imaginations.

The identifying tasks which have student notice the grammar in context can be done as outlined with circling, underlining, etc. However, if the end result seems visually confusing (could be messy with all the symbols), then alternatively you can have students makes lists on the back of their papers.



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