Many Meanings: practice with nasal consonants

I seem to be on a pronunciation activity kick. I recently offered a series of exercises to practice /ŋ/on The Wrong Way, The Right Way handout. Today I decided to put /ŋ/ together with the other two nasal consonants for another series of exercises. The Many Meanings_handout was created with intermediate and advanced students in mind. Should you decide to try it out, let me know if you add to it or modify it somehow. One idea came to mind as an extended speaking activity. You can create discussion questions for each of the six target words from the matching exercise. Suggestions:

  1. Do you know who manned the first spaceship?
  2. Finish this sentence: I would definitely moan in disappointment if I saw ___ on my dinner plate.
  3. Which celebrities are teenagers today mooning over?
  4. Is mining an industry in your country?
  5. What other farm animal sounds do you know besides mooing?
  6. Fnish this sentence: Each generation bemoans the fact that ___

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