Fun with Flags: Warm-up activities for lower level students

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When I usually suggest a warm-up activity, I try to make sure it’s versatile enough to be used with different groups of students. Many of the activities are desgined with upper level students in mind, but there’s often a possibility of making modifications for lower level students. Today’s post will target lower level students in particular, and I’m going to offer versatility of a different kind.  Your choice of two alternatives will largely depend on whether you are in ESL or EFL setting. However, even in some ESL classrooms, teachers may be faced with students from only one or two countries rather than a very diverse group of international students. If you opt for the second, you’ll need to do a little prep by printing out a dozen flags, but once you have the copies, you can keep them on hand and recycle them in other classes.

Click here to view my Fun with Flags_handout.


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