Old Ways, New Tricks: Pronouncing plural endings

Please click here to listen to my introduction to the activity Old Ways, New Tricks.

One great thing about creating materials is that you can often recycle them, which makes the effort even more worthwhile. The materials we create with one student or a group of students in mind can often be reused with minimal modification in future lessons. This week I’ll help one of my private students practice plural endings, and I’m thankful that there’s already a video lesson of mine one this topic.  I can recommend that my student watch the video for pre- and post-lesson practice. Lesson 15 in my English Pronunciation series on YouTube reviews rules and offers short drills.

If you have students who need to review the sounds /s, z, ɪz/ at the end of words, then you might also appreciate a handout I’ve recently prepared. I titled it Old Ways, New Tricks_handout and there is practice at the word and sentence level. I worked to include meaningful practice, which consists of questions for discussion. Please note that the answers to the final exercise (Set 6) are provided on the last page of the handout.

I hope you find the handout to be helpful in the classroom, and perhaps you’ll make use of the video outside the classroom. Enjoy!


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