Personalized Pronunciation Texts

In a search for pronunciation materials that my students can relate to, I found that one option is to help them create texts with the features we need to target. I use questions to guide them and elicit information that we can mold into our practice material. For example, to practice linking a final vowel sound to an intial vowel sound with /y/, I ask, “What do you enjoy doing?” The answer uses I enjoy and /y/ becomes necessary to link the two words. I might then ask about going outdoors, and now /w/ becomes necessary to join go and outdoors.

Using this approach, I offer another pronunciation handout to you. There are four short texts that your students can personalize to a degree by adding their own ideas. Note that each “skeletal” text contains enough instances of the target feature even without the students’ words. I think this set of easily constructed and personalized materials can serve as a nice break from a standard textbook. Click here to enjoy the Personalized pronunciation texts_handout.


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  1. Fatiha says:

    I am an Algerian teacher of English.I learned many things thanks to you. English is not spoken by people in Algeria so I find you lessons very interresting, especially pronunciation ones.Thank you very much.

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