Playful Practice with Plosives: Practicing plosives through product reviews

Click here to listen to this post on an activity for plosives.

Pronunciation practice involves some drilling because certain challenges are overcome through mastering the mechanics. Just as dancers rehearse moves to the point that they become automatic, speakers need to practice using their articulators in specific ways so that the mechanics become secondary and the attention can shift back where it needs to go – to the meaning.

In my opinion, the fun part of pronunciation practice is transitioning from mechanics to meaning. Practice becomes semi-controlled and key pronunciation features are placed in a meaningful context. A degree of self-expression is allowed. This is this approach I used when I created the Playful Practice with Plosives_handout for upper level students. This set of tasks ends with an in-class project: product reviews. Enjoy!

Note: You can extend practice and focus on listening comprehension by using real product reviews online. Choose a clip based on clarity of speech, length, and your students’ interests. You’ll find a good variety on YouTube. (I’ve posted a few reviews of children’s products.)


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