Related and Unrelated: Practice with the stative passive

A recent discussion thread on this blog, made me give more thought to the uses of past participles, particularly in the stative passive: form of BE + past participle + preposition (but not a by-phrase to name the agent).  I think it can be very confusing for upper level students to realize that some words have multiple uses. Past participles create overlap between verbs and adjectives. In the end, I don’t think it matters all too much if a student correctly or incorrectly labels a word like “gone” or “interested” as long as the word is correctly used in actual communication. The important thing is for the student to understand how a word functions in a sentence. I offer the following activity to raise awareness of past participles being used to describe states or conditions. Through the activity, students should gain familiarity with past participle + preposition combinations. Please see my Related and Unrelated_handout.


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  1. changiz says:

    you really are a great teacher .I admire you and your hard work .thank you very much my dear professor .I WISH THE BEST FOR YOU .

    1. Thank you for the support!
      Best wishes to you for 2012!

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