Who’s Who: Practice with present forms of BE

You can listen to this post here.

As I continue to work with my new student, I’m challenged to provide meaningful speaking activities that make use of her limited amount of English. However, by talking about people we both know or are at least familiar with, we’ve been able to have simple conversations. The activity Who’s Who is based on a recent lesson. You’ll see possibilities for using this in a one-on-one setting as well as in the classroom.

Click here to view my Who’s Who_handout.


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    1. Thanks for the support, Carlos.

  2. Max says:

    Hello Jennifer! My name’s Max. I’m Russian. First of all, i’d like to thank you for your amazing lessons. I’m glad that i’ve came across your youtube channel. Since i have a friend of mine who’s willing to study English, actually she used to study it at school, but now she’s completly forgotten it and my task is to help her i.e. bring her English back to life and somehow upgrade it. Frankly speaking i was looking for something similar stuff you offer and i’m happy i’ve founded your lessons. I’d say you’re a true altruist, cuz you offer all this for FREE, absolutely at NO COST! Once again, thanks a lot Jennifer, your lessons have been very helpful and your efforts are much appreciated!!! Looking forward to new lessons. Keep it up!))


    1. Hello Max,

      I had hoped when Natasha and I first started recording our lessons that we’d be able to help other learners out there. I’m so happy to learn of new people each week who are following my new series on YouTube as well as other playlists. You’re the second person today who’s told me that my videos are helping you teach a friend. It’s wonderful that friends and family are stepping forward to offer this kind of support to people they care about, and I’m glad that my videos are making your task a bit easier. 🙂 Warm greetings to you both! Удачи Вам!


  3. Olexandr Holosh says:

    Great Greetings from Ushhorod, Ukraine. Once I found your English Lessons on You Tube. Must say, these are pretty Good. Now I*m trying to learn real US Prononciation of some kinds of Words. Make practice and reach some Progress. Thank You for Lessons. Now i*m your far student.

    1. Hello Olexandr! Have you visited my website? You might enjoy the Tongue Twisters for pronunciation practice.
      Good luck to you!

  4. Jorge Luis says:

    Yeah, Thanks a lot Jennifer. I use your lessons to teach my students in Colombia. Thank You very much.

    1. I’m glad to know my materials are being passed on in that way. Thank you. Best regards to you and your students, Jorge!

  5. Olexandr Holosh says:

    Yes I have and I like the way Your teaching and explaining some Grammar.

  6. Muis says:

    Hi, Jennifer! my name’s Muis, I’m from Indonesia. I’ve been teaching English for about two years now. I want to ask your suggestion about teaching English. I like the ‘style’ of your teaching (I watched on YouTube). I know that I am still lack of experiences in teaching English. Most of my students have difficulties in speaking activity, they have already made some words on their mind but always stuck when they want to speak. What should I do?

    1. Links:

      Hello Muis!
      I’m glad you are watching my lessons, and I’m even happier that you are aware of my blog for teachers. 🙂 Please also know that I accept questions on my new community forum.

      I might suggest a couple of things for your students.
      1. Regular forms of practice to promote thinking in English and fluency in English. Check out my posts Mind Games and More Mind Games.
      2. Try incorporating the kind of speaking activity that focuses more on achieving a common goal rather than using specific vocabulary or grammar. Give them a chance to find the confidence that comes from knowing that they have sufficient language to communicate what is most necessary. Search through my difference conversation activities for one that matches your students’ level and interests. Here’s on possibility called Walk the Dog.

      Your students might also gain some ideas from my Study Tips. See #3 and 5 in particular along with the list of useful links.

      Good luck and feel free to write again!

      (WordPress isn’t allowing me to insert links in the text at the moment. Just see above URLs for links mentioned. Sorry for the inconvencience.)

  7. Harvey says:

    It took me a while to catch this but *gasp* there’s a typo in the title!

    1. Thank you very much for catching that. *wink*

  8. Idres sh.. says:

    Hello teacher Jennifer I want learn English you can help me ?!

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