Constant Categories: An activity to practice the simple present

Little by little, I’ll be developing a series of videos for upper levels students in need of a review of all the verb tenses in English. Lesson 1 has been posted, and it gives an overview. Leson 2 will focus on the simple present. At the upper levels, I expect students to have more questions about use than form, so I would like to offer a classroom activity that prompts communication using the simple present in order to express facts, general truths, and present habits. If your students enjoy constructive games, they should appreciate this one. Please view my Constant Categories_handout.


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  1. kadhim says:

    thank you jennifer

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. kasun says:

    thank you very much teacher ,This is a massive merit for you ,Would you please explain by video about deference between past progressive and past perfect progressive and also future progressive and future perfect progressive ,wish you all the success

    1. Hello Kasun. Have you watched this series?


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