Mystery Movements 2: An activity to practice the present progressive

Fall is here and I’m resuming private lessons with my beginner student, Natasha. Summer activities forced a break upon on us, but now more time has appeared for teaching and learning. We’ve begun to practice the present progressive. I’ve already shared both with Natasha and you the first Mystery Movements activity. This proved to be a good exercise since  I encouraged my student to retell her narrative multiple times until it became more fluid.

Question formation in general has given Natasha much difficulty. Before I start getting too happy that she’s now using the present progressive in her speech, I better make sure she can not only form affirmative and negative sentences, but also form questions. Since she also sometimes mixes up question words, I decided to create a Mystery Movements 2_handout that reviews everything: question words, question word order, and question formation in general. I hope this helps your students as well.


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