Highly Irregular: An activity to practice the past tense of irregular verbs

In a recent YouTube lesson on verb tenses, I decided to review the forms of the simple past. The series targets intermediate and advanced students, so one might question the depth of my review, which includes the spelling and pronunciation rules as well as practice with some irregular verbs.  However, I’ve seen and heard upper level students make basic mistakes, so I felt the review was appropriate. Some reach a high level of fluency without ever really realizing, for example, that the -ed ending has three different pronunciations.

With this mindset, I also created a simple conversation-based game to review irregular verbs in the simple past. The game is light and fast-paced without being a monotonous drill. Upper level students will have to recall many irregular verbs and test their creativity to compose sentences with those verbs on the spot. Please see my Highly Irregular_handout .


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  1. Great post, thanks very much! I’m an English teacher in English language summer schools all over the world, so I know how hard people find irregular verbs. I’ll definitely be trying this activity out with my students!

    Monica V

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Monica.

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