Anything for You: An activity to practice object pronouns

My beginner student and I have used the object pronouns you and me rather frequently, and even some of the other object pronouns have likely popped up in conversation. The funny thing is that I have yet to teach this topic explicitly. Today I plan on doing just that. As part of our practice, I’ll do a modified version of the Anything for You_handout. While I think it’s good for a student to learn some grammar indirectly, that is, through discovery, a planned study of the given topic serves to clarify any doubts and check the student’s accuracy. I hope the activity I outlined helps in your teaching as well.


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  1. atou says:

    hi jennifer ! my name is atou diop, I am an English teacher at Dakar , Senegal ( west africa). I would like to thank you for these wonderful videos you are posting , I find them very helpful and I hope I will have the luck to exchange with you because I strongly need your advice

    1. Hello Atou! Please feel free to join the ELT forum and post questions there.
      (Post under ELT.)


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