Professional Development through Webinars

Where do you turn for professional development and support? For me, the annual TESOL convention represents an opportunity to grow professionally and connect with others. Of course, the time and expense of attending does not make the event possible for everyone. Fortunately, we can also find professional development opportunities online.  First, there are the larger organizations. TESOL has online courses and virtual seminars  for educators. Second, there are generous individuals, like David Deubelbeiss, who organize teacher discussions. You may consider joining one of the weekly Teacher Talks that David hosts on EFL Classroom 2.0.

What about a publisher? Yes, there are free online professional development opportunities from this source, too. Recently I was invited to contribute to the Pearson ELT community as a presenter. Stay tuned for the new date on which I’ll present 5 Tried and True Tips for Teaching Grammar.

Finally, if any of you also find yourself in the role of a presenter, be happy — for this, too, is a professional development opportunity. Getting ready for my own webinar has helped me reflect  more on my teaching approach, and I’m thankful for the chance to become familiar with a new online platform. You can prepare for your online presentation by listening to Joe McVeigh’s tips for Improving Your Virtual Presentation Skills, which was part of the a Virtual Round Table conference in the spring of 2012. Thank you to Joe and Heike Philp for making this resource available. Click here for a direct link to Joe’s webinar on Adobe Connect.

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  1. untung s says:

    Your article is very interesting, whether in addition to online learning modules will tentor will provide?

    1. Are you asking about additional webinar events?

  2. David says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the kind comment. Been trying my best for a long time to spread the sharing ethos and keep the sharer spirit alive. New tools now available and connecting us all make this lovely possibility even more fruitful and possible.


    1. You’re most welcome, David. The “sharing ethos” is a beautiful concept and one worthy of support. May 2013 bring growth and rewards to you!

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