MATSOL Conference 2013

For those attending the MATSOL conference this week, I’d like invite you to my session on Friday. I’ll be presenting with my lead author, Pamela Vittorio, at 11:00 at Middlesex East (40).  Our session title is “Principles of Change in Blended Learning: Next Generation Grammar.” We’re very excited to walk participants through our level of NGG (Book 3) and give a detailed look at the hybrid approach the series takes to grammar instruction.


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  1. Haris Sultan says:

    Jennifer actually i am suffering from pronunciation problem. Could you please tell me how can i improve my pronunciation and i can write English easily but when i come to speak so i forgot tense means which tense i should be use

    Thank You

    1. Hello.
      I think you’re referring to two challenges, right? 1. Pronunciation. 2. Grammar in spoken English.
      First, I recommend you read through my Study Tips.

      Second, you can choose appropriate resources for listening and reading.

      I suggest making use of news articles with podcasts. Read the text. Listen to the recordings. Listen and repeat. Continue writing. You can write about your opinion or summarize the article. Writing can help reinforce vocabulary and grammar.

      Good luck to you!
      – Jennifer

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