Wrong Angle: An activity to practice /ŋ/ in different positions

MC900384446 (1)_compassOften a student’s question prompts me to create an activity. I see the need for a certain kind of practice, and I try to offer that practice through a sequence of steps that helps learners not only practice a language point, but also internalize the underlying rules or patterns.

A student asked me why “singer” and “finger” sound different. I explained how the division of syllables affected the pronunciation of “ng.” But that’s really not enough of an explanation, is it?  I actually found it hard to find a nicely laid out list of rules for /ŋ/, but thankfully, by looking at exercises in student books like Linda’ Lane’s Focus on Pronunciation (Longman, 1993, Unit 31), I was able to piece the patterns together.

Please view my Wrong Angle_handout and let me know if you agree with the pronunciation patterns I outlined. I feel the speaking activity in Task B is appropriate for adult learners at a high intermediate or advanced level. My three short texts can be seen merely as models or suggestions. You know your students best and could compose similar texts with the most appropriate content for them.

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