Here Comes the Bride. Here Comes the Fun!

wedding bellsMy fourth lesson in the Language Notes video series addresses wedding customs. There are quite a number of activities you can do on this topic. First, I suggest seeing what language students already have to talk about wedding customs.  Use my 8-item Language Notes_4_classroom slides to prompt some pre-lesson production.

After viewing my video lesson (in three parts), students can put some of the more high frequency vocabulary into use through partner discussion. In my Wedding Customs_handout, I offer two sets of questions. Set A is for basic level students, and Set B is for more advanced students. Both sets target customs in students’ home countries as well as personal preferences.

Other activities require different amounts of reading, writing, and speaking. Consider which one suits your students’ interests and needs.

  • Giving Toasts. Students can write their own wedding toasts and practice saying them through role-play. View an old post of mine for details.
  • Planning a Budget. Have students work in pairs with an online wedding checklist. (See Real Simple or The Washington Post.) Let them estimate the cost of a wedding, aiming toward minimum expenses. Gather as a class and compare estimates. Alternatively, give students a budget of, say, 20 thousand U.S. dollars and decide how to spend it. Again, let them compare their budgets. You might also have them compare their estimates to a budget posted by experts, like the one on Statistic Brain.)
  • Plan a party. In small groups, students can role play and pretend they are planning an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or bachelor party. They must decide on a location, a budget, food, and entertainment. Real locations should be used. For example, students can go online and view the menu of a local restaurant. Groups must present their plans to the class.

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  1. haris says:

    hello jennifer how are you i actually i need to know about structure sometime i face with grammaritical structure which is fly from my head so could you please tell me about that

  2. lara says:

    Hi Jennifer I want learn English very good I understand when some body speak but I can’t relied what is the problem

    1. Hello. It sounds like you understand well, but have problems speaking and writing. Is that correct? Many face that same challenge.
      Please start with my Study Tips.
      You can also join my forum and we can discuss more ways to practice on your own.

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