Deliberate Focus on Making Random Choices

coin tossIn my seventh video topic in the Language Notes series I focus on how we make random choices.  From rock, paper, scissors to a coin toss, I take the time to explain the format and the rules of each method. I realize that this topic may have less relevance that mealtimes or other previous topics I’ve addressed, but I think the discussion broadens learners’ understanding of the cultural context. They may not draw straws tomorrow, but they may come across the practice in a film or hear mention of it in a conversation.

Here are some suggestions for the classroom.

  • Use my Language Notes_7_classroom slides to check students’ understanding of random choices and find out whether they are already familiar with some of the methods covered in the video.
  • Use Making Random Choices_handout A to direct students’ listening. They will watch the video and listen for details.
  • Use Making Random Choices_handout B to encourage production.
  • Use my interactive exercises for independent review.
  • OPTIONAL: You can use the rhyme “Eenie meenie miney mo” to review a couple different pronunciation points. First, I see three instances of linking a final consonant sound to an initial vowel sound in the phrases: catch a / if (h)e / let (h)im.  Also, you could contrast /i/ with /ɪ/, as in “eenie” vs. “him.”
  • OPTIONAL: You can tie the video content to use of any of the methods or reference to any of the methods in songs, films, or TV.  For instance, Justin Bieber’s “Eenie Meenie” is still getting hits online. (Click here for lyrics.)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. yasser says:

    hi Jennifer Iam Yasser from Egypt Iam a teacher of English and i do like your courses and your methodolgy or the way of teaching this important language pls I want acourse for my kids they are under 12years if you please send me acourse as i can’t down load your courses from youtube .please as possible as you can Iam in a bad need for that thank you my great teacher Jennifer

    1. Hello Yasser. I hope you’ve had success in downloading. I’ve used free YT downloders in the past for other YT videos. I recommend one on my Favorites playlist.

      Some videos are also on Vimeo under JenniferESL.


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