Being Thankful for Online Collaboration

business teamAs Thanksgiving Day approaches, I must pause and give thanks for many things. In my professional life, my appreciation for online opportunities continues to grow, and I am ever so grateful that I have come into contact with so many teachers. Each exchange helps me grow and gives me new things to think about. Here are just some of my recent discoveries with my words of thanks inserted — you all know who you are!

  • Thank you, Jase, for inviting me to be a part of the MOOC on ELT Techniques. (It’s still not too late to join! Click for info about the course and the presenters. Link to my class page.)
  • Thank you, Nellie, for telling me about the Spring Blog Festival.
  • Thank you, Youssef, for introducing me to the online tools Voki and Dvolver, which can promote creative collaboration and facilitate engaging presentations. I’ve already had some fun experimenting with Dvolver films.
  • Thank you, Gabriela, for reminding me about the power of poetry and proving that courage and creativity lead to great things in the classroom. Through our exchange, I discovered useful models of haikus. (Wattpad and Pocantico Hills School)
  • Thank you, Lina and Teresa, for mentioning Vocaroo to me and outlining some possibilities with this recording tool.
  • Thank you, Martha, for introducing me to Forvo. I didn’t realize how easy it could be to find samples of different accents.

Lastly, thank you to all of you for visiting my blog and allowing me to explore and share my thoughts on different topics. Happy Thanksgiving!

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