Something in Common: Practice punctuating titles

In my sixth lesson on English Writing Skills, I address writing titles and names as well as commas with adjective clauses. It may not be the most exciting topic, but it’s one that creates doubts among learners and teachers. We are all writers, and when we write, we sometimes hear an inner monologue about punctuation and formatting. Does that letter need to be capitalized? Do we put a comma before “Jr.” in someone’s name? Is that an identifying clause? You’ve heard that voice ask such questions, haven’t you?

I don’t claim to have all the answers. In fact, I take the time to tell students about different style and format guides used, from MLA format to the Chicago Manual of Style. In my video, I explain the patterns I personally use and give learners a chance to edit some sentences about American films and TV shows using those patterns.

If you’d like to lead students in a meaningful review of punctuation and formatting in titles, people’s names, and adjective clauses, please consider my Something in Common_handout. For independent practice, there are three related exercises on my website.

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  1. mrsmissoveness says:

    Jennifer, I’ve found all of your posts informative. Thank you for teaching us teachers, too. I’d like to link you in my blog.

    1. I appreciate the support. Indeed, it can be quite overwhelming to sort through all the information available to us these days. Thank you for helping me share my ideas with others. Regards!

  2. mrsmissoveness says:

    Reblogged this on mrsmissoveness and commented:
    The online learning community of teachers has been growing. Not only has this been encouraging that teachers are helping teachers, it means that we access ideas, share new information and clarify doubts in the blink of an eye. Technology has brought knowledge to our doorsteps but as with all learners, there is always this scramble to try to manage all our virtual communities and networks. I tell myself I’ll get better over time but there is just so much out there it can be overwhelming just keeping up to date with all your personal/professional networks. Imagine the degree of filtering our students have to go through as they learn a new language and get on with technology.
    My sincerest thanks to wonderful blogs.

    1. Yes, you are not alone in the scramble! Thank you for reblogging my post.

  3. T.r.i.c.k.s says:

    Reblogged this on 'Speak in English' with Confidence and Ease and commented:
    Punctuation: is an Interesting subject for me and my students to LEARN… thanks Jennifer for the valuable insights on writing titles. We have Sh. and Smt. in Indian English which is more revered form of Mr. and Mrs… we also have Ji after the name to mean respected as Japan has San (after the name) thanks also for this post to cover the ‘comma’ I had learned some of it from a Book “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” By Lynne Truss… Warm regards. Ashish from T.r.i.c.k.s Learning Center (India)

    1. Hello Ashish. Thank you for reblogging my post and helping me share my ideas. I’m happy to know other teachers agree that writing skills are important for all English language learners. Kind wishes to you and your students.

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