Pulling Out All the Stops: Listening activity based on marriage proposals posted online

mc900437132_heartsValentine’s Day is just around the corner, but any day could be a good day for love and romance. To get learners thinking about topics related to Valentine’s Day, I’ve created a new playlist of videos. The real fun, however, will likely be with authentic videos of marriage proposals. Plenty of couples have posted their “I do!” moments for the world to enjoy. We can watch them, too, and discuss them with our students. Here are three videos currently posted online.

To guide discussion, please consider using my Pulling out all the stops_handout.


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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I cannot find the proposal at IKEA – the weblink above goes to the same playlist that you have referenced in the first paragraph. I think it’s a mistake and ‘Proposal at IKEA’ should be re-linked to the correct address.

    Thank you,

    1. Caught it! Thank you, George. I hope you enjoy watching these. Regards!

  2. Karen Ortíz says:

    Hi Jennifer! My name is Karen Ortíz. I am from Colombia and I have watched a lot of your English lessons in youtube. I think you are a great teacher. The srategies you use for teaching the language are very interesting and useful. I studied at ELS center in Oklahoma city in 2008. I came back to Colombia and I defenitely want to become a very good english teacher. I am aware of the need for taking a TESOL course in order to get a certificate to do so. i would appreciate it so much if you give me an advise about the best Tesol schools or courses in the US where I can get a very good Tesl education and certification.Part of my family lives in New York, so it would be easier for me if I find a school there, or in Boston too. I am planning on visiting the US on summer, if you know about any course starting on May or June (2 month course or like) please let me know. Thanks for your help Jennifer, and again Congratulations for the job you have been doing these years.


    Karen Ortíz

    1. Dear Karen,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy you found this resource for teachers.

      There are many options for teacher training. If you are focusing on New York or Boston, you won’t have any trouble finding a TESL certificate program. Consider your options based on the kind of teaching you want to do. Going the university track, you might want to apply to a Master’s program. Teaching abroad, you’ll simply need a TESL certificate. Some schools give preference to CELTA. http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-qualifications/celta/

      I think one key component to a good training program is a balance between theory and practice. How many practicum hours does the program require, and how much supervision/feedback will you be given? Ask these questions. Also, be sure the program you choose goes beyond basic lesson planning, and talks about specific theories and strategies for teaching grammar, writing, and all the other skill areas.

      Finally, ask about successful placement upon certification. Where do their graduates teach now?

      I won’t be able to recommend one single program over another. Just be sure to do a comparison study of their offerings, so you know what you’re paying for.

      Best wishes to you,

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