Lots to Wonder about: Working with Prepositions

In my next video lesson on prepositions, I plan to tackle about and of. I’m going to limit the number of possible combinations to give learners a chance to retain them. I hope that through exposure in different contexts, some of the collocations with these two prepositions will stick in the learner’s mind. To that end, I’ve already created a classroom activity (see my Lots to Wonder about_handout) and an interactive exercise. Perhaps you can make use of these materials with your students. Enjoy!


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  1. armadan says:

    How to improve my listening skills

    1. Hello Armadan. Please consider my Study Tips and Recommended Resources.
      http://www.englishwithjennifer.com/student_useful_links.html (Look under Listening Skills.)

      You may also enjoy working with my Oral Reading Fluency playlist on YT.


      1. armadansmd says:

        Okay thanks for your advice & I’ll try it . I’m 26 years old & I have been learning english for 17 years but I still can’t speak english well

      2. Best wishes to you. I hope you’ll check out my different playlists on YouTube and also keep an eye out of for new classes on WizIQ.

  2. Abhinav Raj says:

    How to develop my writing skills in a betterment which helps lots of me during examination time?

    1. Hello. Please consider the tips and recommended resources listed on my website under “Students.” http://www.englishwithjennifer.com/ Kind regards!

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