Brushing Up On Phrasal Verbs

I’ve decided to take on phrasal verbs again. I published four video lessons as an introduction to this grammar topic a few years ago, but of course, mastery of phrasal verbs is something that many learner still desire. I’m trying to follow my own set of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to teaching this topic. I think the most important factor is limiting the number of items presented and practiced at one time.

In my new series on YouTube, I’m going to present only twenty phrasal verbs. I intend to offer adequate practice and review. If you’re interested in helping students master the same twenty, you might like to have my Brushing Up_handout, which targets the first ten. I’ll come up with another activity for the second half of my list.


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  1. eflnotes says:

    hi thanks, phrasal verbs are ever problematic for people you may be interested in the PHaVE Dictionary, lists the top 150 most frequent phrasal verbs and their most common meanings –

    being able to give students this more manageable starter list as it were is very appealing


    1. Hello! Thank you for the link. It’s great to learn of new resources. I’m hoping that my new series will get students thinking about how to approach phrasal verbs. Most YT viewers are studying independently and are overwhelmed by the sheer number of phrasal verbs.

  2. Aidan says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Your readers might be interested in brushing up their phrasal verbs with this (free) Android app:
    It takes a similar approach to yours, presenting verbs in small groups of two or three with related meanings.

    1. Hi Aidan. Nice to know about free resources for ELLs. Thanks for sharing.

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