Warming-Up to Valentine’s Day

16317995822_f23087f3eb_mAs the month of February approaches, you may want to consider a few short, easy tasks you could make use of in the classroom. Do you know a good Valentine’s Day warm-up activity for adult learners? Feel free to share. Here are some possibilities:


1.  Candy Hearts. Use candy hearts or another substitute, such as foam or felt hearts from a crafts store. Ask each student to take a small handful as a bag is passed around. For every heart, students can do one of the following tasks:

  • Write down words associated with Valentine’s Day. Then have students pair up to compare lists. Have the pairs create a sentence with at least one word from each list. They can share their sentences with the class.
  • Write down words associated with Valentine’s Day. However,  you must assign a part of speech to each student. They must list words using only the assigned part of speech. Have students form pairs or small groups with those who have a different part of speech. Challenge them to come up with as many sentences as possible using the words they listed.
  • Create a sentence with the same number of words as there are pieces of candy. The sentence must be a line that could be used in a love letter. The fun conclusion could be to compose a love letter using everyone’s suggestions.

2. On the Spot Plot. Challenge the class (or small groups) to come-up with at least three film plots in five minutes. You can provide some prompts. See suggestions below. Plots must be 1-3 sentences long. Let students know that even silly ideas are welcome. The goal is to come up with a basic story for each film title. At the end of five minutes, have students vote on the best plot.

  • Title: An Ocean Divides Us. A couple is divided when…
  • Title: Out of This World. In an alien world, love is alive. Two creatures…
  • Title: Then There Were Two. A crazy love triangle results when…
  • Title: On and Off Again. This is a love story that started years ago…
  • Title: Deep in Danger, Deep in Love. Even criminals fall in love. Meet Jess, a lonely…

3. Survey Says. Assign a love-related question to each student. They will have five minutes to survey the class. See suggestions in my Survey Says_handout.


Photo credit:

“Candy Hearts” by Paul Cross. Retrieved from the Creative Commons on Flickr.



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  1. sineadlouise says:

    I’ll be trying this out, thanks!

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