Spring Has Sprung: Season-related Ideas

spring word cloudWhether you are in a climate with four seasons or two, the topic of weather can always work its way into the classroom. For basic level students, an entire lesson might focus on vocabulary, from sunny to freezing. Check out my Seasons.BASIC_handout for more ideas.

For intermediate students, a group-generated word cloud, like the one  I made on the left, is a small project that elicits vocabulary and encourages peer teaching. I mentioned Tagxedo in a previous post. Using this free software, students can brainstorm words related to the current weather, explain any vocabulary that is unfamiliar to other team members, and then discuss the best way to format their image. As the teacher, you could also create your own word cloud and use it to check students’ existing knowledge before launching into a short vocabulary presentation. Which words are already familiar? What topic or theme unites all the words? Can they already use the words in sentences?

As warmer weather made its way into New England, I became inspired to put together a new lesson on expressions related to the season and word “spring.”  A quick review is possible through an interactive quiz. For upper level students, my Spring Has Sprung_handout could effectively provide additional practice. Enjoy!


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