Dedicated to You: Practice with the Prepositions TO and AT

I’m finally turning my attention back to prepositions. My goal is to address some common points of confusion. In my next video lesson, I’ll explain some uses of TO and AT. Have you ever heard someone confuse throw a ball to someone versus throw a ball at someone? That’s one point I’d like to cover. The difference in meaning is rather important, isn’t it?

You could have some fun teaching some collocations with TO and AT.

  • Song Dedications. Guess the most popular songs people dedicate to their loved ones. Look at some lists online. Do students approve of the song choices?
  • Reasons for Anger. Can students predict common reasons for coworkers getting mad at others? Look for articles on negative coworkers.
  • Tips for Explaining Things. Challenge students to come up with tips for explaining complex things to others. shares some ideas.

I also offer my Dedicated to You_handout for further controlled and meaningful practice.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. SultanMedico says:

    Jennifer, thanks for your wise tips, and for sharing it. Keep up the great work! Always great to read your tips and thoughts.

    1. Thank you for the continued support, Sultan. 🙂

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