The Answer to Everything: Practice with the Prepositions For, To, and With

Prepositions are problematic for many English language learners. Presenting some collocations to students can certainly help them understand what a particular preposition expresses and what kinds of nouns, verbs, or adjectives that preposition combines with. For example, talk with someone, argue with someone, and speak with someone all refer to communication involving two or more people. “With” expresses the idea of being together or being involved in some activity. That’s why we can also say bored with something or fascinated with something.

There are a lot of collocations, so the key is to limit exposure and make time for meaningful practice. If you’d like to give your students some practice with for, to, and with, please consider my discussion activity: The Answer to Everything_handout. I’ll tackle more collocations in my next video lesson on prepositions.


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