An Amazing Vacation Experience: A collaborative writing process to improve paragraph writing

5760476367_77ce16bf12_qIt’s my second month running a self-paced intermediate writing skills course. Through video tutorials, quizzes, and writing tasks, students develop their ability to construct proper sentences and paragraphs. I enjoy guiding students through the assignments, and the chance to give individual feedback really allows writing to become a process.

When it comes to producing the final paragraph, I usually ask for several revisions. I’ve seen how each student has his or her own area to concentrate on: identifying the main focus, choosing the right amount of support, maintaining the focus, or sequencing the supporting points. As we move toward the final revision, I also encourage them to be concise and avoid repetition.

How do you guide the writing process at the paragraph level? Here’s an idea: collaborating with a partner to encourage discussion. Please view my An Amazing Vacation_handout. The tasks take intermediate students through the process of identifying a topic and controlling idea, writing a topic sentence and concluding sentence, and deciding how to organize and present support. The handout could be tailored for solo writing, too. Some previous paragraph writing experience is assumed. Enjoy!

Photo credit:

“Typing” by Kiran Foster. Retrieved from the Creative Commons on Flickr.


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