If Walls Could Talk: What to Hang Up in the Classroom

Inside My ClassroomA new school year is just around the corner. Whether you work online or in a traditional classroom, you likely have some food for thought up on your walls. Personally, I keep my own Teacher’s Pledge near my desk. It’s not in view of my webcam, but I can turn my head and see it there every day to remind me of what’s most important in my teaching. I also have a Learner’s Pledge that I offer to any student visiting my website.

Here’s something else you might share with your students. Check out my A to Z_handout. It’s a list of what’s needed in order to have a successful language learning experience. You may like it as is, or you may simply be inspired to write your own. In fact, why not create a list with your students and then post it for all to remember throughout the school year?

Happy teaching!

Photo credit:

“Inside My Classroom” by Marie. Retrieved from the Creative Commons on Flickr.

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