From Day to Day: Learning Prepositions of Time

As I slowly build my playlist of videos on prepositions, I continue to reflect on use and meaning. What points cause confusion? Very often simple grammar structures turn out to be not so simple because the nature of language always allows for variations and exceptions. From…to… is a good example. It’s such a simple structure that we use to define a range, and yet we also use from…till, from…until, and from…through. We also have the phrases from day to day and from time to time, and those aren’t really marking any specific period of time, are they? I decided to discuss these kinds of prepositional phrases in my most recent lesson.

To add to my other post on prepositions of time, I’d like to offer this activity: From time to time_handout. You may choose to use it as is, or perhaps it will inspire your own activities for review and practice. I also have an interactive quiz on my website to review the use of from, to, till, until, and through.


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