Teaching Adverb Phrases with More Support

Previous posts on reducing adverb clauses to phrases assume that study and focused practice have been done to some extent already. One of my activities involves text manipulation and pushes students toward creative writing. A second activity also uses storytelling and offers practice with more types of adverb clauses. In connection with that second post, I discussed the variation we sometimes see with the negative adverbs not and never.

I think what’s needed now is a handout with more scaffolding. Before asking students to manipulate and generate text, we should allow them more opportunities to identify patterns when changing adverb clauses to shorter phrases. With this goal in mind, I’d like to offer my Before Going to Sleep_handout. I limit the types of clauses to time and reason. I hope it helps your learners master this grammar point.


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  1. Iqbal Anjum says:

    Dear Miss Jennifer, I have watched your youtube videos on word stress and learnt a lot out of it. I am one of your admirer and fan. I wish I could see more videos on intonation patterns.. IDr. Iqbal Anjum ESL Instructor

    1. Hello. Thank you for writing. I may give more direct attention to pronunciation in the future. For now, you may wish to work with my Oral Reading Fluency series. Suprasegmentals are taught indirectly in those practice texts.

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