Learning to Write Clearly and Concisely: An activity for advanced students

A place to visit: the Enchanted River
A place to visit: the Enchanted River

I’ve been working with small numbers of advanced students on speaking and writing skills. We focus on common topics like travel and health. The students have obviously talked about such issues before, so I ask questions that provoke deeper reflection and stimulate comparisons or arguments. The oral discussions are engaging, and the writing extends students’ opportunity to express their thoughts on particular points.

Over the weeks, I’ve observed how students face the same challenges as writers. Organization is rarely an issue, and sentence structure is equally strong. They lay out their ideas in a very logical manner. Word choices are also quite impressive, and the depth of thought thrills me. Sometimes consistency with tone must be addressed, but what I’m seeing most is the need for more consistency with the use of impersonal subjects (like one and you) and the need to be more concise.

If you have advanced writers who could benefit from the kind of practice that can polish their texts, please take a look at my Concise and Clear_handout. The activities focus on amazing places to visit.

Got intermediate students? Check out this post with an activity about amazing vacations.

Photo credit:

Enchanted River –Hinatuan, Surigao by Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ.

Retrieved from the Creative Commons on Flickr.


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