Expressing One’s Thanks in Writing

16558645750_fa19b673d6_zWhether you’re teaching in the U.S. or not, it’s a great time to bring in an activity about giving thanks. You might do something that requires some preparation, like a gift-giving activity. You could also just do a fun warm-up and ask students to name all the people they’ve said thank you to in the past 24 hours. For those big and small acts of kindness, what words of appreciation did they use? That sets up the opportunity to discuss levels of formality and appropriate words for different situations, whether they were thanking a pizza delivery person or a thoughtful coworker.

Here’s a longer activity for intermediate or advanced students. Check out my Never Too Late_handout. It’s a partner-supported writing exercise. Students are given a model before they’re asked to begin drafting their own thank-you letters.


Photo credit:

Wild Turkey 2 3-7-15 by Larry Smith. (March 2015.) Retrieved from the Creative Commons on Flickr.


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