Just Like New!

The topic of new things is perfect either before or just after New Year’s Day. It could also be timely for the start of a new school year. There are a lot of expressions and idioms using the word new. Here is a short list if you’d like to teach some:

  • brand-new
  • as good as new
  • new blood
  • (It’s) a whole new ball game. (Variations: I also see ballgame written as one word, and different can be used instead of new.)
  • What else is new?

I’ll be posting my own presentation very soon as a part of my vocabulary series on YouTube. Here’s a short quiz you can share with students to review meanings.

Check out my Good as New_handout for a group activity.

For more fun contexts, consider some other ideas:

  1. Look at a site like eBay and compare similar items that are brand new or like new. Are any used items really as good as new?
  2. Have sports fans discuss drafts and trades. Which teams were looking for new blood?
  3. Look at a popular TV show or film series and name members of the original cast. Who was brought on later as new blood? (Star Wars could be  an example.)
  4. Search for an appropriate list of game-changing inventions. You can even limit the list to inventions unveiled over the past year. Here’s one list for the past 100 years. In what way is it a whole new ball game with these inventions in our lives?



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