Down a Less Traveled Path: Less common uses of prepositions

5673018212_db26ce0dcc_bIt’s challenging enough to address common uses of prepositions because there are so many of them, so why seek more hurdles? Because our students will come across other uses, and it may be helpful to give some exposure and practice within a supportive classroom setting.

After I published a video that explained the common uses of  among and between, a viewer asked about using between with three or more people, as in dividing an inheritance between several children. Usually if one student is perplexed by a grammatical structure, chances are others feel the same way.

Here’s a first step toward addressing less common uses of prepositions. Please check out my Less Common Uses of Prepositions_handout.

Photo credit: Path (April 2011) by Tim Green. Retrieved from the Creative Commons on Flickr.


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