Predictions and Perspectives: Using the Future Perfect and Future Perfect Progressive

Ah…that other perfect verb form! Do we really need to teach it? How often is it used?

If teaching verb tenses is likened to a long conversation, then why be rude and leave out perfect forms just because they’re heard less often? I say let’s make room for the future perfect and future perfect progressive. They deserve a place at the table.

True. We don’t use these verb forms as much as we use the future with will or be going to. But there are times when we need to emphasize what will take place by a certain time. With that in mind, I’m sharing my future-perfect_handout. I hope the short exercises reinforce the structure and the discussion questions help establish the kind of context these verb forms are suited for. Enjoy!

Don’t forget a related activity that I shared back in 2013 on future hopes and goals.


Photo credit:

Future (April 27, 2009) by Emran Kassim. Retrieved from the Creative Commons on Flickr.


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    1. Super! I’m glad the content engaged you. Thank you for sharing it, Mister Paul.

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