Flashback and Flashforward: Using Sequence Words

My latest YT video presents sequence words and other useful phrases for describing a process. Intermediate students could either write down the steps for some of the processes shown (how to make hot chocolate, how to wrap a present, etc.) prior to watching or after watching the video. The former would be a matter of comparing ideas and word choices. The latter would test recall ability.

The topic lends itself to short writing assignments or mini presentations. Here are some possible prompts and models:

1. Name one thing you learned or accomplished over the past year. How did you do it? Recall the key steps to your success. Use sequence words.

Over the last year, I learned how to cook better dinners. First of all, I stopped eating out so much because it’s expensive and I don’t always choose healthy food. Then I looked online for easy recipes that use my favorite foods, like chicken and pasta. After that, I started making dishes that were very big. This meant that I could cook once and get four or five meals from the dish, or I could invite friends for dinner. I’m glad I learned to cook for myself.

2. Name one thing you’d like to accomplish this year (or in the coming year). How will you reach your goal? Use sequence words to list key steps.

This year I want to learn more vocabulary. To begin with, I’ll try to read 5-10 minutes a day.   Then when I see a new word, I’ll look it up and write down the definition as well as the sentence I find it in. I may just note a few words a day. Finally, I’ll review my notes at least once a week. I think this will help, especially if I choose good texts.

Students may find it helpful to have a visual reference:




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