A Getting-to-Know-You Activity to Practice Gerunds and Infinitives

Mastering combinations with gerunds and infinitives comes with practice. Here’s a straightforward activity for upper level students: gerunds-and-infinitives_handout.  A sorting task quickly moves into a production task that prompts writing and speaking. Students can learn more about one another by sharing their answers. Enjoy!

Here are some related activities I shared in years past:

  • Story Match. Students match up sets of sentence halves and sequence a story about a UFO sighting.
  • Future Goals and Ask the Experts. The first activity prompts short discussion of students’ goals. The second prompts collaborative writing to offer advice. Both activities target the verbs try and stop.
  • Consequences and Photographic Memory. The first activity prompts students to consider the consequences of people’s choices. The second prompts students to recall memories associated with personal photos. These activities target the verbs remember and forget.

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